Why and how does the ancient world still matter to the history of sexuality?

NOTCHES: (re)marks on the history of sexuality invites submissions on histories of sexuality in the ancient world and historical responses to antiquity. We welcome blog posts (1000-1500 words); interviews with scholars, archivists, and activists; as well as submissions to our “Archives of Desire” (500-1000 words) series in which historians reflect on specific primary sources and their value in researching or teaching histories of sexuality.

“Pan Copulating with a Female Goat.” Archaeologists uncovered this statue in Herculaneum in 1752 (Wikimedia Commons).

Possible topics for exploration might include but are by no means limited to:

  • Sexual values and practices in the ancient world (topics need not be confined to ancient Greece and Rome)
  • The aesthetics of desire
  • Hellenistic Greece and sexuality
  • Religion and sexuality
  • Geographical and temporal continuities and differences in sexualities
  • Histories of marriage and other unions
  • Food and sexuality

Style and image guidelines:

  • Submissions should be written for a non-specialist and international audience. Therefore, avoid jargon and use hyperlinks – not footnotes – to clarify terms or concepts that may be unfamiliar to a general readership.
  • Include at least one relevant image for which you have obtained permission and caption your image with clear attribution information. We welcome your use of a range of sources such as movies or sound files.
  • Include a short hyperlinked author bio and photo with your submission
  • For more information see www.notchesblog.com/write-for-notches

Send submissions to notchesblog@gmail.com by March 31 2016. All submissions to NOTCHES will undergo an internal peer-review process. Proposals and queries are most welcome.

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