Chris Bryant

In the early 1930s, a group of young, queer British MPs, having visited Berlin on a series of trips and witnessed the Nazis’ brutality first-hand, were some of the first to warn Britain about Hitler, repeatedly speaking out against their government’s policy of appeasing him. Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain hated them. Branding them ‘the glamour boys’ to insinuate something untoward about them, he had their phones tapped and threatened them with deselection and exposure. This week, NOTCHES sits down with Chris Bryant as he discusses his new book The Glamour Boys with Richard Grayson.

Chris Bryant has been the Member of Parliament for the Rhondda since 2001. He was Deputy Leader of the House of Commons and Minister for Europe in the last Labour government. The author of six previous books, he has written regularly for the Guardian and the Independent. He was the first gay MP to celebrate his civil partnership in the Palace of Westminster. He tweets @RhonddaBryant

Richard Grayson is Professor of Twentieth-Century History at Goldsmiths, University of London. He has written extensively on interwar British political history and contemporary British politics, along with other work on Ireland and the First World War including Belfast Boys: How Unionists and Nationalists Fought and Died Together in the First World War . He tweets @ProfRGrayson

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  1. Will there be a transcript available here?

    • notcheseditor

      I’m afraid we won’t be able to prepare a transcript but have turned on auto Closed Captioning so that text of the interview can be read.

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